Kitty Gogins works collaboratively with nonprofits, education institutions, and other government entities using robust, highly inclusive and data-based strategic planning processes to help them envision their desired future state and the roadmap to achieve their goals. This work is done with an equity lens and includes:

  • Sample StratPlan Initiatives 3Define strategic vision, theory of change, and scorecards through engaging key stakeholders (amplifying underrepresented voices), analyzing situation-trends, identifying opportunities, and evaluating options.
  • Create a strategic plan to achieve goals through identifying a broad array of approaches, assessing costs-benefits-risks, and selecting the optimum approach. Plan lays out responsible parties, actions and timing for changes related to culture, people, processes, products/services, metrics and systems.
  • Implement strategies and projects to achieve organization goals. Studies show this is where most organizations fail. A well-defined comprehensive plan with clear accountabilities and tracking supports a successful outcome. Kitty is also available to serve as an advisor to support implementation.
  • Building Organization Capacity for Success. Providing training in leadership development, strategic planning and equity related organizational development to support desired change.

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