Equity in education is creating an environment where students, across their many differences, engage deeply and achieve at higher levels while staying true to who they are. Kitty Gogins offers customized work sessions and training to help administrative leaders and board members understand why an equitable learning environment is important, what needs to change for it to happen, and how to drive the transformation. Kitty created and uses the Equity Leadership Model  ― .a flexible model that incorporates learning from many researchers as well as practitioner’s best practices ― to help leaders think through the journey that would best suit their unique organization. All sessions are highly interactive, incorporate various tools, and learning about best practices. Outcomes are customized to fit the organization’s current situation and goals

Self-Work to Develop an Equity Lens

  • Comprehend why equity leadership is important and how it contributes to  achievement goals
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of culturally responsive leaders
  • Self-reflect on one’s own culture and implicit biases, and understand how it impacts decision making
  • Build understanding of how racism is entwined in our socialization and education system
  • Measure one’s own intercultural competence and receive guidance on building cross-cultural competence (Intercultural Development Inventory®)
  • Learn how to have conversations about equity and race

A Strategic Framework as the Foundation for Change

  • Develop an equity vision (policy or promise) after understanding how it aligns and guides the organization
  • Develop an equity scorecard after seeing how it can force accountability and drive change
  • Identify how to engage stakeholders in decision-making processes
  • Develop an organizational equity analysis framework after learning how it provides a lens for decision making and evaluating policies, programs, and processes

Action Plans to Drive Change

  • Understand the dimensions of equity work that will have the greatest impact
  • Identify organization’s strengths and opportunities in the critical dimensions of equity work
  • Define specific action plans (who-what-when) to drive the needed transformation
  • Assess the likely risks to derail the work and develop mitigation plans


The cost, time and location are driven by the client’s needs and the initiative scope


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