Kitty Gogins has extensive experience as a strategic planner and in providing strategic direction to educational entities. She works with organizations to help them deliver an equitable educational experience ―one where students, across their many differences, engage deeply and achieve at higher levels while staying true to who they are.

Kitty has a decade of experience as a business consultant specializing in strategic and project leadership for non-profits and education entities. Prior to consulting, she held leadership positions at Pillsbury, General Mills, CHS and the Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board. Her last position at General Mills was Director of Strategic Development in R&D.

Kitty has over twenty years of cumulative experience serving on governance boards for educational organizations, with fourteen years in the chair role. She is the current chair of the Roseville Area School board, having served on the board for thirteen years (four as chair). The district adopted an Equity Vision in 2005 and throughout her tenure, she has been deeply engaged in the district’s efforts to build its intercultural competence and deliver an equitable learning environment (roseville-journey-article-mnschoolboardjournal). She is in her seventh year as board chair of the International Institute of Minnesota that has nationally recognized career ladder training programs for New Americans. In addition, she has just completed serving four years as the board chair of a multi-school district collaborative called the Equity Alliance MN, which has the mission to be a leading force and learning center for educational equity and integration. 

Kitty is a Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory® Administrator by IDI, LLC

 Kitty can be reached at or 612-619-3500