Strategic Planning Services

Across clients, the Average Quality Rating ranged from 4.3-4.7 out of 5.0

 “Kitty clearly has a deep understanding of equity work, and a great perspective for coaching organizations on where to start and what priorities will keep them engaged for the long haul. We’ve advanced our goals more quickly than we’d even hoped. We so appreciate her warm and thoughtful facilitation style, as well as her drive to move things forward for maximum impact.” ―Debra Cushman, Associate Director Minnesota Literacy Council

“Kitty is a highly skilled strategic planning facilitator. She comes well prepared, carefully gathers the resources and materials needed for the session, monitors time/pace during the session, is able to communicate clearly capturing the interest of the audience, has the listening skills to understand the audience she is working with, as well as the analytical skills to identify the gaps and the opportunities present!” ―Gilmara Vila Nova Mitchell, Heartland Area Education Agency, Iowa

“Our time was purposeful and focused on our targets for the day. Kitty kept us on track with helping us establish our priorities for moving forward.”  ―Brenda Edmundson Colby, Chief Academic Officer Des Moines Public Schools

“The entire process of building the strategic plan has been transformative for the Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation Board Members. Ms. Gogins was able to create a sense of urgency and escalate the engagement among board members. She helped the board establish concise vision and mission statements, define goals and strategies, and outline key risks that need to be addressed for success. She then worked with staff to develop action plans to deliver the goals. I found her facilitation skills outstanding and she was able to manage the entire process so we now have a comprehensive strategic plan.” ―Rassoul Dastmozd, President & CEO of Saint Paul College

“Kitty Gogins brings experience, insights and practical wisdom to the work of educators and education organizations. She is clear about the work needed to help a school, a district, an organization and its people understand their challenges and plan and step into solutions.” ―David O’Fallon, President& CEO of Minnesota Humanities Center

“One of Kitty’s strengths is that she is effective in bringing people of various backgrounds to work on a common goal. Through her leadership she led effective and meaningful meetings to help strategize ways to achieve goals.” ―Julie Pfab, Lyngblomsten, Director of Home and Community Based Services

Workshops on Specific Topics

“Kitty is a thorough and experienced trainer for school boards on equity policy development and using an equity lens to transform school systems and structures. She has been an instrumental trainer in the Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP) Mille Lacs region Equity School Board Institute.”  —Jennifer Godinez, MnEEP

Across workshops, the Average Quality Rating ranged from 4.2-4.6 out of 5.0

Comments by Education Leaders attending a workshop that shared a case study on using an Equity Vision and Scorecard to drive the difficult conversations, mobilize change, and monitor progress. The session also highlighted the importance of student voice and professional development in implementation. This workshop has been offered at local and national conferences, for specific school district clients, and at an equity training institute for K-16 educators

“The absolute best session I have been in in probably the past 10 years”
“I like the scorecard as a data check but also as a way to prompt accountability”
My key take away was: “how to incorporate equity in everything, curriculum, PD, etc.” “I learned excellent information that I can apply in my work”
The biggest new concept I learned: “value of a vision card”

Comments by Education Leaders who attended the Equity Analysis Framework for Leaders workshop, covering how to apply an equity lens when making decisions and reviewing practices, policies and procedures; and providing real examples of its application and opportunities to practice

“Eye opening and informative”
My key take away was: “the importance of establishing a framework”
“The framework is so practical. I liked the examples of how it was implemented”
“So much great information and the opportunity to apply and discuss”
My key take away was: “how policy affects practice”